Welcome to Juan de Fuca

We provide a wide range of fully managed digital media services: Static Web Hosting, HTTP Reverse and Forward Proxies, SMTP Server, and Transactional SMTP Client.

All of our services are built on top of highly scalable distributed systems technologies. We are able to vertically and horizontally scale to your needs.

Whether your site has just a few visits per day or millions, our platform gives you deep insights right down to the lowest level, helping you gather and analyze information about your users in rea-time!

We provide everything you need to access, organize, and analyze your data with our fully managed RethinkDB database solution. Most importantly: You own your data

Real-time Analytics

RethinkDB is a scalable JSON distributed database built for the real-time web.

Changefeeds lie at the heart of RethinkDB’s real-time functionality. They allow clients to receive changes on a table, a single document, or even the results from a specific query as they happen.

RethinkDB is a great choice when your applications could benefit from real-time feeds to your data.

    Visualizations do not represent real data or the official API schema.

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    Static Web Hosting

    Whether you are deploying a simple landing page or a complex progressive web app, we provide fast and secure static hosting backed with integrated analytics.

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    HTTP Reverse Proxy

    Our Reverse Proxy offers the same auditable analytics solution as our Static Web Hosting.

    Using our Forward Proxy to access your services, we pass connecting client context, allowing you to tie your services to our analytics service.

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    HTTP Forward Proxy

    We provide complete connection analytics, allowing all of your outgoing traffic to be completely auditable.

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    SMTP Client and Server

    Information coming soon.

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